Stories,Testimonials and Feedback from our valuable clients

I am writing to KNNSolutions today to confer my gratitude for the great work KNNSOlutions have performed for me to improve our business processes and procedures. Without your help in developing numerous reports and your development of the mass fill Tool we would not be able to operate as efficiently today and deliver such a high standard of service to our stakeholder groups. Your professional conduct and ability to remain calm under pressure, while still achieving the desired outcome on time, are a true credit to you and your business. I will definitely be recommending your services to friends and colleagues as I found your service to be exemplary.

Chris F

With this email and on the behalf of the replenishment team, we would like to say thank to KNNSolutions for all the good work and support that you’ve given the team. KNNSolutions have helped the team a lot in developing and enhancing a lot of the replenishment Tool and forecasting reports that help us to be more efficient and effective to do our daily task and review. Thank you for your patience and professional approach and the proactive suggestions that KNNSolutions gave to the team to improve the business current processes and procedures. Your experiences and technical ability in this space it’s unquestionable and surely it will be a great help and support for any future businesses/customers that need KNNSolution service.

Ditya K

Please take this as my recommendation for KNN Solutions, I have always found that the developers have been professional, fast and have taken time to understand my needs (customer) as opposed to creating a solution that fits them. In all of my dealing, from system requirements, business specifications, application building, testing and promoting, the door has been opened both ways with positive and open communication. I highly recommend KNN Solutions.

Christoper W