Replenishment Screen Shot


Replenishment Reporting Overview

Replenishment can be defined as acquiring product on a recurring basis to support anticipated need. Ouf of Stock Maintenance System is used to check and maintaine why there is out of Stock in the Distribution Centre.

Out of Stock Maintenance

1. This system caputres out of Stock SKU in different Distribution Centre in daily basis.
2. Replenishers put comments against each SKU defining why there is Out of Stock.
Replenishers can enter 9 out of Stock Reason Codes
a) Vendor Out of Stock
b) Demand Exceed Forecast
c) Missed Delivery
d) Demand Exceed Forecast (Store Request)
e) Admin Issues
f) New Line
g) Discountinued Product
h) Seasonal Allocation
i) Stock At Out Side Storage
3. If same SKU is out of Stock the next day, Out of Stock comments from previous day will be carried foward.
4. Import and export to excel functionality is availabe for futher analysis
5. Replenishers can filter through SKU, Distribution Centre,Supplier, Buyer, Indent and Domestic Flag, Team Leader

Purchase Order Revision

When purchase Order sent to Supplier was modified e.g purchase order quantity or delivery date. Purchase order Response is created and flows into Replenishment Management System as a revision. Using DTSX package PO Revision data is exracted from Replenishment Management System to SQL Server in hourly basis

1. Import and export to excel functionality is availabe for futher analysis
2. Replenishers can filter through Status,Supplier,Purchase Order number
3. This report is (in the past 12 months) stating to be used by most DCs.
4. Replenishers update status and put comments against each PO explaining what action has been taken against each PO Revision.